Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms and Grandmas out there! I was really blessed with a super Mom and incredible Grandmothers who taught me the things I need to know, not only to be a Mom, but a Godly woman and a person! We never get a really good picture of the two of us but this comes close, taken August 2007. Wow, we look alike here! :o) For most of my life, I have looked so much like my Daddy that it has been hard to see how much Mom and I look alike. We have the same physical mannerisms but we also look alike. I see the same thing in my girls who are identical twins, but A looks like my Mom and J looks like me but they obviously also look like each other! LOL

My life has also been blessed by some incredible women who have been mothers to me. A few of my spiritual mentors, like Dorothy Trulove, Elaine Bargen, Nancy Willert and Laura Cari, now worship at the feet of Jesus. My Aunts Grace and Marilyn have also ministered to me and played instrumental roles in my life. I mentioned also, my "English Mum", Lily, who is pictured on the right, my Mom in the center and Lily's daughter (my "English Sister"), Beverly. Mom took this photo Friday near the Mt. Baker Ski Lodge, Washington State. That's Mt. Shuksan in the background.

For many women, Mother's Day is the most difficult day of the year. I know many who avoid church services and being in public. For whatever reason, they have not been able to have their own babies and the pain can run deep. I know this pain as I was told more than once that I would "never" have children. But I learned long ago to "never say never" and to "Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding...". Above is a picture that shows how truly blessed I am. Three miracles, NO, make that FOUR, that I never dreamed would be given me! (photo July 2007 Goat Rock Beach, California) For those of you who wait and hope and pray, I ask God's peace for you, which passes all understanding. May He fill your heart and bless you!

I thank God for this man, who made being a Mommy possible! :o) During our infertility heart aches, we decided together that we would be a family regardless of whether or not we were able to have children. In time, God blessed us with three beautiful children. Thank you Honey! I love you more each day! (He is such a good sport! He is sick while we are on our family getaway and is such a trooper. He had to rescue a lost glove and slid down on the way back!)

These are pictures of my children's first experience with snow, which we found at Lassen Volcanic National Park. More pictures to follow! These are for Mom and friends to see today! A is watching the snow sprinkle from her hands.

This is J and it is a little blurry as she is in motion. My most intense child who is often in her own little world, is a delight to observe when she is dancing in joy!

Mr. D - all boy! He had a blast and would have played even harder, but his sisters protested when struck with snowballs! We're off in a moment to explore the north side of the park and perhaps Burney Falls.

God bless you Terence, Lily and Beverley as you travel back to England tomorrow. I'm sorry we couldn't come see you at Mom's, but it was wonderful to talk to you on the phone. I love you!


Charlotte said...

What a beautiful family you have! Happy Mother's Day!

SNOWBIRD said...

I hope you had a happy Mothers Day! You are truly blessed!

Dorothy said...

Thank you for your comments about those who struggle with infertility. I was one of those who wanted to crawl into a hole on Mother's Day. God eventually blessed us with one child, but no more. We adopted our second child. You are such a beautiful mother!! You're children are so very fortunate. Happy Mother's Day to you.

Teresa said...

What a beautiful family, and what a great trip you're on! Enjoy the rest of your vacation, and Happy Mother's Day!

Tabitha said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too. You do indeed look like your mother. She is a lovely woman just like you.

Theresa said...

Glad to hear you had a good mother's day, and yes, your mother DOES look like her, or vice-versa!!