Thursday, July 21, 2005

Well, it's a good thing not many people read my blog, because this is not a picture to be too excited about, but my Mom always emphasizes how important it is for me to be present in the here I am! On July 16th, which just happens to be my spiritual birthday, we decided to get out of Dodge! It had been so hot with triple digit heat for 7 days that we decided to go to San Francisco for the day...100 miles and 40 degrees cooler! We had a blast. Hubby took this picture of me KIP (knitting in public). I am just turning the heel on my Aunt Grace's sock at Crissy Field in The Presidio, while everyone else was still eating lunch. Posted by Picasa


Virginia said...

I love your blog and especially the photo of you knitting. Absolutely beautiful and peaceful.

Dana said...


Where in No. Ca are you? I am in Dixon. Sounds like you are not too far away. I love the ocean, and knitting, spinning my own yarn.

I have been a member of Knitlist and Amples for a couple of years now. Two great groups of knitters!

Theresa said...

Hi Dana, I'm in Sac, so not too far away from you. Are you going to the AK West Retreat in November? $ is super tight but I am hoping to go and looking forward to it! I am new this year to the AK list and am really enjoying it!