Monday, May 09, 2005

UFO Update and More Shopping...

Well, I still haven't gotten my photos up of what I have been working on but hope to soon. I have Daniel's gansey style sweater almost finished. I just have to do the roll neck and sew up the sides. I added extra length in the arms and sweater body, thinking he may need it because he is tall like his Daddy but now I am a little concerned that I added too much!

I did get the left front of one of the girls Aran hooded cardigans done and really like how the pattern knit up. Last night I knit up about 5" of the back. I am alternating this with other projects so that I don't get too sick of it.

And, this is a big step for me, I have decided to go through my old knitting patterns and magazines and only keep what I really want. This is HUGE for me. I am a "hoarder" by nature. I started this this morning, so I think I deserve a gold star for the day! :o) After I am all done I will evaluate what is there and decide whether I will do eBay or Salvation Army. I've never sold on eBay before so that will take some research into whether or not it will be worth it for me.

Okay, Friday was my twin daughters' 2 year check up (and they are doing great!) and afterwards I looked at my hubby and said, "Let's be spontaneous!" So with NO CAMERAS (those who know me know what this means! LOL) we went up to Placerville and Apple Hill...of course when we went up there the iris were blooming like crazy everywhere! In Placerville I went to Lofty Lou's, a knitting/spinning/weaving store. They have a nice selection. I got some size 1 circular needles so I can try the socks on two circular needles book that I bought on my last expedition. I love Addi Turbos and wholeheartedly feel they are worth their expense, but I got Susan Bates because I am not sure if I will like doing this and two of them was less than one of the Addis. This way if I like it I can get them in the future and if not I'm not out a lot. I am not too keen on knitting with size 1 needles! I also got a book of children's neck down raglan sweaters because this will help me in knitting up some of my stash. I have a harder time of just planning something on my own for the kids because I don't know what sizes to do, proportions etc. It's not like for an adult when you are doing for what their current size is, you have to guess what they might be at some point in the future! Anyway, I was looking for something for my Secret Pal from my ample knitting list but nothing really got me. We had a nice day and had yummy apple turnovers and apple donuts at Boa Vista farms

The next day we had planned to have lunch with my SIL Kathy and her hubby Lou. I had Tim drop me off at a new yarn store on the way while he went to Target for swim diapers and sun screen. This place is called Babetta's They had a nice selection of interesting things and lots of lovely things I haven't seen at other stores although I would have liked a greater selection of natural wools for the basics. I bought two Fiber Trends patterns, one for a felted bag and one for knitted lace face cloth and soap bag. I also got some cedar balls to throw in some of my stash boxes because I noticed a few holes in a couple UFOs! UGH! I saw a lot of neat things but not one thing that jumped out and got me for my Secret Pal. I think I need to get to know her better.

One thing I did decide to make for my SP, was a small felted bag. I have it knit and now need to felt it. It's very small about the size for holding business cards. She said that when she made a felted bag to put in her backpack purse, she told her husband it was her "sub-purse"! LOL She seems to have a great sense of humor. So when I saw this little purse at (It's at the bottom, a free pattern) I had to make it for her...a sub purse for her sub purse! :o) I hope it turns out.

Well, that's about it for now!

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